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Welcome to Cherished Gift Co, I hope that you are enjoying browsing my website as much as I love creating my designs!

I thought you might like to know who is behind all the ever growing creations that have totally engulfed my life, I am Sonya, a professional artist who stumbled into the world of personalisation totally by chance!

Having owned two successful bridal boutiques in SW England I frequently seen brides carry fabulous handmade creations into my stores, I often thought that I would love to delve into this world but unfortunately the operation of two very busy stores did not permit me to persue this avenue....

In 2018 I moved back home to my home village of Ballinderry, Northern Ireland, this return enabled me to return to my first love, ART.

Back in the day, I studied design at the University of Ulster, this educated me with an understanding of how to create effective design. With an additional talent that was passed from my Nana and Great Granny I have been extremely fortunate to have been gifted with the ability to draw, this was always my first love which lead me to portrait art. 

After a busy few years drawing, I once again found myself thinking about those brides that had visited my bridal boutiques. I knew I wanted to pursue this venture and dip my toes into the world of personalisation. 

In a very short time I found myself buying a number of machines which have permitted me to rapidly develop an ever growing range of personalised gifts.

I cannot believe how popular my designs have proven, my head buzzes everyday with new concepts, I torture my nearest and dearest with all my ideas and I really and truly appreciate every ounce of advice that they have given as it spurs me on to create new designs on a frequent basis.

I regularly scribble down ideas for the next avenue I shall potentially meander down, if you have any thoughts that you think I should develop please do feel free to message me :)

Thank you for taking the time to read my wee story of how Cherished Gift Co came about, please do come back and visit very soon as I can guarantee I shall have created something new!

Lots of Love


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